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Mesh Free

Hernia Repair

Hernia is a common condition that occurs in all ages and is amenable to surgical treatment with a high success rate. Hernia presents as a bulge underneath the skin which frequently appears on standing up and when one coughs. Hernias commonly appear in the inguinal region, at around the navel and at sites of previous surgical incisions. All hernias are formed because of an underlying deficiency in the abdominal muscle wall. The bulge of the hernia can be made prominent when one strains the abdomen during cough or weight lifting. Most hernias can either be reduced spontaneously when lying in bed or with a gentle massage on the hernia. If the hernia cannot be reduced, it requires urgent surgery for reduction.

All hernias will not be resolved without surgical treatment. If left alone, hernia may get bigger in time and becomes irreducible. There is always a danger of trapping intestine in the hernia leading to blockage of the gut and in severe cases, endangering the viability of the bowel. Hernias usually get bigger and cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to the patients. In inguinal hernias, the groin bulge can extend downwards to involve the scrotum and cause significant disfigurement. Undue external pressure on the hernia may cause injury or even perforation of the bowel inside the hernia especially if the hernia cannot be reduced. In order to solve all problems associated with hernias, surgical repair of the hernia is necessary.

Ways to fix a Hernia

There are two ways to fix a hernia in general, the open surgical method or the use of laparoscopy.


The open surgical method will require an incision of about 4 to 5cm to the skin over the site of the hernia in order to repair the abdominal defect.

laparoscopic approach requires are one 1cm incision at the belly button and two other 0.5cm puncture holes at the lower abdomen for the completion of the repair.

Mesh Free Hernia Repair

At MedHub we prefer an operation without a mesh, a simple piece of cloth prepared from the polyester, polypropylene or similar synthetic threads. Therefore, its use in hernia repairs is known to cause all sorts of complications like pain, recurrence, infection, rejection, migration, testicular damage etc. Many patients have filed adverse event report with the FDA. Companies are facing more than 70,000 mesh injury lawsuits in federal court and  thousands of additional cases in state courts of USA.

The Non Mesh Hernia repair is a simple tension free and mesh free hernia repair done under local anesthesia without mesh, minimal post operative pain, and a quick recovery that allows you to drive car and be back at work in COUPLE OF DAYS depending on your tolerance.

Our Hernia Clinic is committed


to provide the most up-to-date service to our patients. Mesh free hernia repair which is the most patient friendly approach for fixing hernias is now available to treat our dear patients with the problem of hernia. With the Non Mesh approach, we hope that our patients benefit from the minimally invasive surgery and can return to their usual activities at the earliest possible time.

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